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Sunday, July 28, 2013
Miaw! 😻

Thanks for visiting my blog :)

I'm Ainun, an ordinary girl who has a million willingness to carry it out. I've been honorably issued from my beloved campus, Amikom University Yogyakarta, with a computer degree or S.Kom. I'm living in the small town of my Father's birthplace, Pemalang, Center Java.

This blog will contains random things that I like about food, travel, tips, film and music reviews, also my personal thinking.

I am so incredibly and insanely love with cats. Because cats, I finally decided to make this blog's title name with "GENERASI MIAWLENIAL". Because, I was born in 1996 so that it's called Generasi Milenial, but I changed a little bit from Mi- to Miaw- so that look's interesting and show my personality that I like a cats :)

So, that's all my introduce, I hope you like the content of my blog and can be useful for all of you.

Miaw! 😻

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