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July 28, 2013
Miaw! 😻

Thanks for visiting my blog :)

Hi! I'm Ainun, an ordinary girl who has a million willingness to carry it out. I've graduated from my beloved campus, Amikom University Yogyakarta. I'm living in the small town of my Father's birthplace, Pemalang, Center Java.

This blog will contains random anything what I like and want to share about food, travel, tips, movie and music reviews, also my personal thinking.

I am so incredibly and insanely love with cats. Because cats, I finally decided to make this blog's title name "GENERASI MIAWLENIAL". Because, I was born in 1996 so that it must called Generasi Milenial, but I changed a little bit from Mi- to Miaw- so that look's interesting and show my personality that I like a cats :)

So, that's all my introduce, I hope you like the content of my blog and can be useful for all of you.

Miaw! 😻

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